The world keeps evolving, moving forward at an increasing speed.
Letting your thoughts wander instead of being swayed by others’ ideas enables you to live yourself and be a better self.

Yet, our busy lives crowd out the importance of deep thinking.

When do you find yourself being drawn to your curiosity as you have in childhood?
Can you express your core values in your own words instead of using others?
What might the world look like if your “through-space” broadened?

Your world can be changed just by pondering things around you.
Oneself and others, individual and world, expectation and reality.
And importantly, deep thinking experience will never disappoint you.

Imagine your life full of deep thinking.
That is the future wov believes in and pursues.
Don’t just feel, keep thinking.


  • Daishi Matsukura

    Founder & Co-CEO

  • Yuko Konno


  • Yuji Yamada


  • Shogo Tsuruda


Founder Message

The world we are living in is changing at an unprecedented rate. In our future society, I genuinely believe that “your own thoughts” will be appreciated even more, instead of efficiently searching for standardized “everyone’s thoughts.”

I entirely acknowledge that formulating “your own thoughts” is challenging in a normalized and standardized society. It would require a robust determination to step aside from the tasks you are doing day by day, making a decent amount of time to ponder, and think through as far as it goes.
wov is willing to be a tailwind for your thinking journey, and guarantees an opportunity for you to think through. Thus, we would like to invite you to a journey where you encounter a “question” to ponder, secure the time and space for, and think through for yourself. You may realize how precious and delightful the process is.

The experience of thinking through just by yourself, will never disappoint you.

I sincerely appreciate those who sympathize with wov.

Founder & CEO
/ Daishi Matsukura